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  • Module 1: Orgasmic Orientation
  • Module 2: Core Erotic Blueprints™
  • Module 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints
  • Module 4: Frequently Feeding the Blueprints
  • Module 5: Seductively Speaking the Blueprints
  • Module 6: Healing the Blueprints
  • Module 7: Expanding the Blueprints
  • Module 8: Hot Sex for a Lifetime

For more information about the Erotic Blueprint™Breakthrough Course, contact me


1:1 Coaching with Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, Mandy 

Together, we will dive deep as we work our way through the 8 Modules of the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course.    This package will include 8, hour-long coaching sessions weekly or bi-weekly (based on your need for support and your schedule).

You will benefit by being supported and lead through the course by a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach who has been trained by the creator of the course, Jaiya.  

For more information about the 1:1 Coaching with Mandy, contact me